TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR SHORT STAY RENTAL HOLIDAYS IN SPAINCustomers are asked by the owner of the property that it be kept maintained and in a state of neatness at all times.
Customers are asked by the owner that privacy of needs and regard for local neighbours and other dwellers be observed.
Customers are informed by the owner that loss of house keys be notified immediately to Leja. Customers are responsible for the payment of new keys and locks where necessary. There is a 50 Euro surcharge on lost keys
The owner advises that he/she nor his/her agent can accept responsibility for personal accidents or injuries caused to persons renting the property. (Slipping in bath, slipping on steps, around the swimming pool etc)
Leja cannot promise a 24 hour emergency call out service any emergency or problem can be left on the emergency phone number and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
On arrival for your holidays in spain rental you must present your confirmation details as well as your passport or identity card to us.
The owner advises that he/she nor agent can accept liability for loss, damage or theft of customers personal items or goods while renting the property, nor can they be responsible for loss of food or other perishable items caused by sudden power cuts or electrical surges or water shortages. Events such as utility cut-offs are almost inevitable and out of anyone’s control. For people without insurance it is advised that they take out a small personal liability policy of their own.
Customers are advised that the owner nor their agent are not responsible for any building work going on close to the properties. Extensions on houses, digging up roads etc. This is out of everybody’s control but if we do have an alternative property then we will let you know
On same day change overs, when required we can provide a property for the day to leave luggage, to shower etc. We do require at least 1 weeks notice for this. There is an extra charge of 50 euros should you require it for your holidays in spain
On making your way to La Marina all customers must pass by the Leja villa Rental office to sort out possible payments, keys  & photocopy of party leaders Passport. Even if you have been collected / transfer from airport the driver will come by the office first. This will only change if any prior agreement has been arranged so please have any relevant details to hand. On certain circumstances if the payment has not been received then we will need to take a passport then to be returned on eventual payment
Customers are advised by the owner that refunds or deposits cannot be given in the event of tenants suddenly wanting early termination from the rental agreement. Early termination whether it be a desire to leave Spain, a sudden change of heart, personal / family problems or problems brought about by minor wear and tear of the property or any reasons customers may have after booking a villa they have picked  You will loose your deposit / payment
 Only those persons whose name appears on the Booking Form may use the property. The number of persons (adults and children) must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated on the website / online form. The substitution of persons during the rental period is forbidden. We reserve the right to let customers in the villa unless by previous agreement. There is a 50 Euro surcharge if this request is ignored
If small jobs need attention they will be attended to as soon as possible and within a suitably agreed time period. These small but as yet unattended jobs will not be seen as a reason for wanting to leave or hold back payment
Customers are notified that they accept rental of the property as “sight seen”. Properties are furnished and equipped to the wishes of the owner and are within the standard for rental purposes. The properties will have at least the basics. If that isn’t the case then items will be bought by us & left in the villa. Should customers require any further items that the villa does not have then it is up to the customer to accept this or buy them to be left in the villa, take with them or throw them away after use. As we all have different cultures in Europe it is impossible to have every little home comfort.Any furniture that has been moved or altered during your stay has to be put back in the original position, as found on entry, failure to do this could result in a loss of some of your deposit money. There is a 50 Euro surcharge if this request is ignored. On departure day from your holidays in Spain you should vacate the villa by 10.00am at the latest & on arrival day you can enter the villa at 15.00 pm (where applicable)Should, for any unforeseen circumstance your reserved villa become unavailable we will do our utmost to find alternative accommodation with similar, if not the same criteria, of your pre booked accommodation. (i.e 3 / 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Private Pool etc)A full refund will only be given when we are unable to find you alternative accommodation.                                   (There will be no exceptions to the above.)
Once a villa has been booked it is out of our hands as to the surroundings of each villa. Most customers get to see the properties via the internet through pictures but sometimes the photos do not do properties justice & can be misleading. On booking / inquiring if you have specific requirements please let us know then, failure to do so reserves the right to act accordingly
Any washing up or full bin bags that have been left by the customer will get charged a fee from the deposit as will anybody with pets that allow the animals to mess in the garden without cleaning it up themselves. There is a 50 Euro surcharge for each separate request ignored
Refunds against money paid as deposits cannot be given in the event of non-arrival or cancellation of booking.
Terms and conditions above may vary without prior knowledge according to the wishes of the owner.
It is very important that all DOORS  & WINDOWS are firmly closed & locked when you go out. This is precautionary but a good habit to get into.
Please do not let vendors or anyone unknown to you into the house for any reason please refer them to our office.
Full payment is required 31 days before your holiday starts , if that payment hasn’t been received then the villa is available again. Last minute bookings / inquiries (i.e few days, 1 or 2 weeks etc) the payment will be straightaway. Failure to pay in the requested time again results in cancellation of booking
If you should need to contact LEJA, would you please call to our office which is on phase 1 commercial centre of Urbanisation La Marina Monday to Friday between 10.00am – 3.00pm. Or leave a message on the answer phone or email as we normally receive them wherever we are. Any problems / issues after 7.00pm can be emailed to address above
If the electricity trips out, this is easily re-set by making sure that the switches in the fuse box (usually found behind the front door) are all in the upright position. If all correct please then check with a neighbour to see if they have electric
Would guests kindly strip beds on departure and leave all dirty linen / Towels etc together in the bath / shower tray. Failure to do this will result in 50 Euro charge from your booking deposit
** Would you kindly ensure that no washing up is left & the cooker/oven is wiped down & cleaned after use please. Would you please ensure that BBQs are cleaned and tidied after use. (This is very important to us, thank you)
Non compliance to any of the above terms and conditions could jeopardise your tenancy and the full return of any deposit money paid by customer
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